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Every Friday, we like to keep our blogs nice and light in anticipation of the weekend. So rather than just talking about web design & development, branding or online marketing, we’ll talk about, well, anything really.

A day in the life of icu2.

Today was a super exciting day at icu2. Cathie McNaughton has come back to us again :) Very pleased to see you are well again… Great joke by the way…


Gday Pete… Gday Pete! HAHAHAHA!!! Absolute cracker! (and not the “Polly wants a cracker” kind)


Also, Seb had his second day on the job working on the VantageFX Flash Banner Advertisements (credit to Jake who also worked on the job, but unfortunately got knocked out by the flu half way through :( Hope you get well soon! You guys have both done a great job!


Anyway here are some “today pics”; our gorgeous office first thing in the morning, Cath and Seb picking through it to the soulful sounds of The Blues Brothers and James Brown… and check it out Aakash… FULL JOB RACK! (almost). Hope you went well at the physio today!


happy friday worst pop song of all time

worst pop songs of all timeWell Happy Friday is here, and as usual we’re posting a little bit of random Friday craziness to break up all the talk about social media marketing, web design & development and graphic design… did you see how i used all those valuable keywords in a totally unrelated article… now that’s fancy :) Cramming keywords? Nooooo! We wouldn’t want to upset Google with their new over-optimisation penalties… there i did it again. Damn!

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a man, his flu, a drum, cold pizza and flat coke

Ok, so i’m pretty certain that at this point you are asking yourself “What in the world is that title about?” Trust me i had to think twice before i published it.


But hey, it’s Happy Friday… so anything goes. Every Friday we’ll be posting random stuff, music we are listening to, recipes, a wrap up for the week, whatever.


Hopefully it’s of interest to somebody out there in the ether.


Well, I’ve been out with a man flu for the last 2 days and decided that it would probably be better to work from home than spread it around. Surprisingly, its been quite a pleasant reminder of how far we’ve come and where we are going. And you are probably wondering, whats with the drums, pizzas and flat coke. It will make sense very soon, i assure you (or at least i hope so).

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hello world… look at our new shoes


An article by Dom Dedic.


You know the old saying “A cobblers son has no shoes”?


Similar could be said for web developers not having websites. It’s just terrible isn’t it! Whilst it’s a real compliment and testament to our work having grown a web design & development business on the back of a crummy old html website, we felt it was time to polish up our own online presence. Well, we finally have a website and blog that truly represents the standard of work that we have become so renowned for.

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