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BRW Fast 100 company turns to icu2 for SEO

seo melbourne, internet marketingIt’s always great to see old clients come back to us (it’s been happening a lot lately)… but even better when they come back and their business is flourishing!! (That also seems to be the trend). Brilliant!


Since the last time we worked with the Melbourne electrician, Prolux have gone on to become one of Australia’s fastest growing businesses achieving the coveted BRW Fast 100 status in 2011. What an amazing achievement!


We’re happy to have been a part of that journey having developed their online branding, website, and online marketing.

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google over optimisation penalty

Google Penguin Overoptimisation Penalty, Webspam PenaltyA must read article about Google’s latest Penguin update by icu2 in-house seo content writer Bas Ellenbroek. Find some helpful tips to getting your hard earned rankings back. It’s not all bad news, at least not for everyone.
Has Google’s Penguin algorithm update left your website out in the cold?


If you haven’t checked your website’s rankings for a while, now is the time. Google has made some drastic changes to the inner workings of their search engine and the results are being felt across the web with various websites being dropped from the top positions. Luckily, when appropriate action is taken search engine rankings may recover.


Call icu2 Melbourne on 03 9940 1424 for a complimentary consultation regarding your website SEO.


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career – seo and online marketing specialist

about the position

We are seeking an experienced SEO and Online Marketing Specialist with hands on experience creating business online in the most competitive searches.


The successful candidate will have a proven track record in Search Engine Optimisation in the most competitive online industries, and will be up to date with upcoming changes in Googles Algorithms… particularly Google’s Over Optimisation Penalties… if you haven’t heard of it yet… then this job probably isn’t for you.


In addition to interpreting Google Analytics and WebCEO reports, you will have the ability to actually implement the strategies you put in place for measurable results and ROI in SEO and online marketing.


Experience in Social Media Marketing and Monitoring are essential.

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why should i have a blog?

Blog logo, blog image, WordPressFor anyone asking themselves the question “Why should I have a blog?”… the very simple answer is “Why wouldn’t you have one?”.


Rather than talk about how important blogs are and the nitty gritty of optimising your blog pages, there’s plenty of time for that in future posts… let’s talk turkey! Let’s talk about us for a little bit :)



Now while this may seem at first glance to be a case of blatant self promotion, on this occasion a little bit of self promotion isn’t such a bad thing.

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