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career – seo and online marketing specialist

about the position

We are seeking an experienced SEO and Online Marketing Specialist with hands on experience creating business online in the most competitive searches.


The successful candidate will have a proven track record in Search Engine Optimisation in the most competitive online industries, and will be up to date with upcoming changes in Googles Algorithms… particularly Google’s Over Optimisation Penalties… if you haven’t heard of it yet… then this job probably isn’t for you.


In addition to interpreting Google Analytics and WebCEO reports, you will have the ability to actually implement the strategies you put in place for measurable results and ROI in SEO and online marketing.


Experience in Social Media Marketing and Monitoring are essential.

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infographic on location based social media

I just had to share this with you guys. It’s an infographic by Tyler Roehmholdton at Visible Technologies titled Location-based Social Media – Every Move You Make. Visible created this infographic from data collected from Pew Researchs Internet American Life Project.


Love this stuff.


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Web Designer Pinterest, web design & development, graphic design

pinterest… pin-what-cha-ma-call-it?


Back in my primary school days i recall kids in grade one laughing at the “preppies” for watching Playschool. “That’s what little kids watch” they’d say. We in grade one had much more sophisticated and refined tastes. We wouldn’t be caught dead watching Playschool! I mean, imagine what your friends would say, or Kelly my grade one crush. She’d never talk to me again! Our 3pm entertainment consisted of grown up viewing. Our program of choice was… Sesame Street

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