icu2 enters web design awards

Award Entry View: The Pool Place


Category: Commercial

Name: Dom Dedic

Telephone: 03 99401424


Organisation: The Pool Place

Contact: Harry and Kristina Modric

Telephone: 03 9449 5737


When they purchased their business, Harry and Kristina identified the importance of a website in the marketing mix of their newly acquired business The Pool Place. They contracted icu2 to provide;

  • Refinement of branding to be implemented on a new website, social and offline media
  • Design and development of website on Joomla CMS
  • Simple Blog
  • Content writing
  • Client

The purpose of the website design was to develop a platform upon which the client can start to develop;

  • the local brand
  • geotargeted online marketing
  • an information resource for their clients

Having developed the site we are now at the next stage of the project is to develop content and provide SEO (White hat of course!)


Primarily 30+ market
Wife is crucial in the decision process
Young, ambitious and aspirational
Young, Sophisticated
Combined income of $150,000+

Whilst all the other competitors focus on a “family fun” message, icu2 identified a gap in the market, where young and aspirational new home owners were not being catered to. There is certainly a cross over into the family market, the main message is one of quality, success. Think “Pool Cocktail Party”.



The objective of the website was to relaunch an existing brand as a new business. It was important to take this into consideration when developing the online branding, as the company already had achieved some brand recognition. It was important to provide a solution with which existing customers would still identify, but clearly show that something had changed (for the better) at The Pool Place.

Since then the online branding from the website has transferred across online and traditional media including;

  • Social media (
  • Print
  • Point of Sale (
  • Transit (current project)



Technical Features

– jQuery Slider
– jQuery drop down menu system
– jShopping component
– Gallery
– Blog
– Autoresponders and mySQL database from forms
– Social Media sharing/liking widgets



From a usability perspective, it was important that the website was easy to navigate. In addition to the menu system, the client requested that they could feature specific products on their home page. On this basis an existing component was adapted to the requirement



The main challenge was establishing a unique online brand image that was visually strong enough to be easily identified from the competitors. We were interested in creating differentiation from other fibreglass pool companies who all looked very similar to eachother. This was achieved with the angular styling (referring to the edges of the swimming pools when photographed from different angles), use of colour, form and repeating patterns creates a very unique visual.

The other challenge was in developing engaging written content that was interesting and captivating.


Who does content updates?



Project Team

Dom Dedic Owner Creative Director and Project Co-ordinator
Sanjay Hadiya Mid weight Programmer (Team Leader) CSS and PHP coding in Joomla and Worpress.
Christine Wheeler Mid weight designer Graphic design, concept development, preparation of art for web
Andy Roberts Copywriter Copywriting
Aakash Dodiya Senior Programmer Quality Control, testing and debugging.
Mohammod Owais Khan SEO Consultant Keyword Research/Keyword Competitor Research
Bas Ellenbroek SEO Consultant Ongoing Onpage/Offpage Optimisation/Copywriting

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Entrant Contact
Name: Dom Dedic
Telephone: 03 99401424


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