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advertising & marketing

An inspirational campaign is one that focuses on the needs of the marketplace and fulfils those needs while pushing boundaries. In essence innovation or “thinking outside the box” is the key to not only selling more product, but inspiring people to connect with your brand. It’s about being different in a way that your potential clients will remember and want to identify themselves with.

At icu2 we apply our extensive knowledge in sales, marketing and branding to every advertising project we undertake. This is invaluable to you as it assures every idea icu2 produce will fit perfectly into your businesses marketing strategy, sales campaign and long term corporate vision.

Prior to commencing a project, icu2 will conduct a comprehensive marketing brief to fully understand the needs of your business and prepare a design solution that will work in synergy with your business and marketing plan.

This analysis helps us;

  • Understand the design objectives
  • Understand your business objectives
  • Understand your primary target market demographics and psychographics
  • Identify target market buying motivators
  • Understand competitor strengths and weaknesses