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our proprietary system for SEO success

icu2 aspire™

If your website isn’t generating the online traffic you were expecting, you are not alone! 95% of businesses claim that they struggle to maintain a website that generates the interest they expected when they first invested in web. If this is the case, it’s time to call icu2. icu2 will help your business solve this common problem by helping you manage all aspects of your website.

What a successful website should achieve;
• Generate new leads in organic searches.
• Target your customers by geographic location (geo-targeting)
• Generate new cutomers with pay per click advertising
• Engage audiences with social media
• Provide engaging content to encourage return visits
• Grow your database & sales pipeline exponentially
• Offer functionality to assist your business in your day to day operations
• Qualify leads

We have developed an intelligent and intuitive process for consistently achieving great results in Google. This process covers everything that we do to keep your website at the top of Google rankings, we call this system icu2 aspire™.

The icu2 aspire™ process covers;
• Google Analytics
• Keyword research/analysis
• Online competitor analysis
• Link building
• Website structure analysis
• Social media analysis
• Online marketing strategies

icu2 aspire™ stands for;
S  Strategy
P  Planning
I   Implementation
R  Reporting
E  Evaluation


The first step in any SEO project, is to conduct a comprehensive analysis of your website. In this analysis we conduct a wide range of evaluations which provide us with the data we need to conduct an analysis and prepare a unique strategy for your business. The analysis takes into account your and your competitors website structure, rankings, keywords, phrases, linking, keyword density, keyword proximity and of course your Google Analytics reports, in addition to other SEO tests.


Once we have completed the analysis, icu2 will develop a short and long term strategy for your website SEO, to help you get immediate improvements in Google, with a long term strategy for more competitive keywords. This strategy also includes your Social Media marketing, email marketing, PPC campaigns, banner advertising, organic marketing and Geotargeted marketing.


Once the strategy has been implemented, icu2 will prepare a search engine optimisation schedule. We will tailor a plan to suit your budget with either weekly, monthly, or quarterly reporting and optimisation (we recommend more regular content updates).


Once the plan has been created, our team will manage all aspects of the implementation of your new SEO strategy. This includes onsite and offsite optimisation, content development and much more. Ask us about our range of SEO packages.


With our new SEO packages, you can select the reporting frequency for your websites. For smaller websites we recommend less frequent reports, whilst high traffic websites (with higher competition) will require regular reporting to maintain their rankings in the valuable search terms. With regular reporting, we are able to monitor your performance, and make recommendations on how to improve your current rankings, and identify new search opportunities.


At the end of the campaign cycle, icu2 will prepare a final evaluation of the campaign. This final evaluation establishes the basis for future campaigns, and the SEO cycle begins again.