google analytics

measuring the effectiveness of your online marketing

we'll help you make informed decisions with google analytics

• How many hits did you website have last month compared to the same time last year?
• What is the increase of website traffic from mobile devices?
• What is the average time of a page visit (stickiness)?
• Which keywords did users use to find your site?
• How popular is specific content?
• What is your bounce rate?
• How did users find your website?
• What are your competitors doing?
• How effective was your last PPC campaign?
• How can we better structure your site for more effective results?
• Which content engaged your website visitors most?

These are just some of the questions we ask when conducting an SEO analysis with Google Analytics. Whilst Google Analytics itself may be free, it certainly isn't easy interpreting the data accurately. This can be the difference between a successful SEO campaign, and a waste of valuable business resources. Using Google Analytics to your advantage requires extensive marketing experience, and an understanding of Google algorithms to make informed online marketing decisions. At icu2, we will thoroughly examine your Google Analytics reports to provide you with valuable recommendations to make informed decisions regarding your website.


icu2 heartStarter™

If at first, the idea of managing your SEO seems a little overwhelming, our icu2 heartStarter™ package may be just what you are looking for. This basic package is designed to introduce you to Google Analytics, without blowing out the budget. The package includes the installation and configuration of Google Analytics, initial benchmarking and quarterly reporting.


scheduled analysis and optimisation

As part of an SEO schedule, icu2 will analyse your sites performance at regular intervals. This regular analysis can be conducted on a weekly, monthly or quarterly basis (depending on the nature of your site and competitiveness of your searches). Using Google Analytics amongst other state-of-the-art tools, we are able to provide measurable improvements on your search engine results, and make valuable recommendations to you regarding your websites content, structure, linking and much more to keep you moving up the rankings.


why you should use icu2 to manage your google analytics

• Improved ROI in online marketing
• More accurate interpretation of Google Analytics data
• Improved rankings on search terms that are most valuable to your business
• Reduced expenses in employing full time SEO staff

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