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graphic design & corporate branding

It’s astonishing how many times we meet business owners with great businesses but terrible branding. If only these business owners recognised just how much poor brand image is costing them every time a potential customer encounters their shabby corporate image.

A properly designed brand image, with a clear and consistent message, has a positive effect on business in many ways. It is possible to improve the perceived value of your product, simply by improving it’s branding. The effect of improved branding will almost always translate positively on your balance sheet. Our clients have even reported increased sale volumes and increased sale values as a result of a properly constructed brand image.

Great branding uses powerful imagery and messages to increase recall of your brand, resulting in increased customer loyalty and improved brand recognition - the end result translates into increased sales!

It’s no wonder global brands spend millions every year on branding, sparing no expense to strengthen their brand in the marketplace. At icu2 we take a strategic approach to branding, taking into consideration all aspects of your marketing strategy to create a targeted branding solution. We will make recommendations on the most effective approach to increase brand awareness, brand loyalty and visual brand identity. Furthermore, because we design all our work in-house, we can promise consistency in branding across a wide variety of digital and printed media.

The branding audit

For businesses with an established brand, icu2 will conduct a comprehensive branding audit. In this audit we will cover all aspects of your brand image, from the consistency of brand colours in print, signage, transit and web branding. For an additional fee, we will organise all your market research to measure brand loyalty, brand recognition and the perception of your brand in the marketplace for a more targeted branding strategy.

So if you are ready to take your business branding to the next level, call icu2 today.

Branding services;
• Creative concept development
• Logo and corporate identity design
• Web page design & multimedia
• Finished art production
• Packaging design
• Illustration
• Photo manipulation
• Print advertising
• Corporate stationery