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is your website working for your business?

Most organisations understand the value of a great web presence, and whilst a website is probably the single most important marketing tool in business today, many organisations fail to take full advantage of their websites.

All too often we are approached by business owners who opted for a cheap website solution, only to find that their website presented little or no value to their business. If this is the case, then your website is costing you a great deal more in lost revenue, than the saving you made on the initial build. It really is a case of "pay peanuts get monkeys".

The obvious question is "Does it pay to have a cheap website?" and the answer is generally NO. In such a competitive online environment, it simply isn't enough to have a site without a budget for marketing. Your competitors have invested thousands, if not tens of thousands on getting their websites to the top rankings. Your website is no different, and will require time and effort to show a return on investment. However, with the right strategy, your website can be the single biggest revenue spinner in your business.

Before we commence with your project, the first thing we will do is help you establish your budgets for;

  • your branding
  • your website design and build
  • your online marketing including;
    • SEO (Search engine optimisation)
    • SEM (Search engine Marketing)
    • SMM (Social media marketing)
    • PPC (Pay per click)
    • Geotargeted marketing
  • your ongoing maintenance, content development and SEO

As there are a million and one ways to spend your money online, the question is which of these will show a return. We will identify which is the best approach for your specific circumstance, whether you are a small business starting out online, or an established online brand, icu2 will tailor a solution that works.

It simply is not enough to just design a website and hope for the best. We will help you create an online strategy that works for you.