icu2™ – Inspiring the Human Spirit in a Digital World™

Creating Success Stories… One Business at a Time.
The Value of a Strategy First Service Model.

icu2™ specialises in the delivery of strategic branding, marketing and technology solutions.

Our “Strategy First Service Model” helps business owners and managers, create clarity and confidence in their decision to invest in branding, marketing and technology. We will support you through all phases of your business development, and map out a clear pathway to achieving your future business success. We will help you get there.

Using a proven decision making framework, icu2 will help you identify and focus on the real high value opportunities, by addressing the pain points and buying motivators of your most valuable prospects. Through this approach, icu2 is able to help you carve out a valuable niche in your market, and implement the solutions around your unfair advantage in the marketplace.

The result of more than 10 years of research and development, icu2’s innovative decision making framework is the foundation of every creative, strategic or technical solution we deliver. Our clients are our success stories and a testament to this unique approach. We help business owners and managers take more calculated risks when it comes to investing time, energy and resources into new and innovative solutions.

By focusing on the human element as a central focus of every action and interaction, we are able to connect with your clients at an emotional level. We don’t just design logos, build websites and run campaigns. We inspire hearts! We engage minds! We excite the senses!

This is what sets us apart.

This is what makes us different.

This is our unfair advantage.

icu2™ – Inspiring the Human Spirit in a Digital World™



Our mission is to accelerate the growth of Australian scale-ups by providing world-class, evidence-based business development programs and services. Our value statement "Inspiring the Human Spirit in a Digital World' defines who we are and how we work. It is a value that we defend passionately, ensuring that the solutions we deliver create a positive impact in people's lives.