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Many established firms are finding it increasingly challenging to manage the demands of a modern business. While on one hand it is critical to continue with business as usual, it is equally important to invest in future growth. This can be a tricky balance. icu2 helps implement new technologies to simplify current-state business while creating new digital channels for future growth.

The icu2 Innovation Cycle™

“Today is the tomorrow you worried about yesterday” – Dale Carnegie

We take the guesswork out of investing in the future by applying an evidence-based approach to the design and development of new business technologies.

Experience the future of tech

Simplify your business

1: Simplify

Simplify your value proposition to
create an emotional connection with
your most valuable clients.

Diversify your business

2: Diversify

Diversify your product offering
to connect with new valuable
niche markets.

Multiply your business

3: Multiply

Attract the funding you need
to launch a portfolio of
valuable digital channels.

Visual communications designed to inspire your most valuable customers

Every day, we meet businesses who are great at what they do, but not so great at communicating the value they represent. icu2 helps businesses develop intuitive brand narratives that connect with their most valuable clients. We don’t just design pretty pictures. We inspire hearts. We engage minds. We excite senses.

icu2™ takes a no-nonsense approach to branding. We speak in plain English that everyone understands and focus on delivering bold, powerful, customer-centric brand narratives.

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Give your people the tech they need to help your business excel

While many companies rely on technology simply to automate staff roles and reduce labor costs, icu2 believes in employing best-of-breed technologies to elevate the role of your team members and grow your business. With greater team alignment, transparency and faster decision making, we can help your organisation synergise activities to the benefit of stakeholders and clients.

“If you take care of your employees, they will take care of your clients” – Sir Richard Branson

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We help you accelerate business growth by providing world-class,
evidence based business development services and technologies.

Create New Opportunities With Evidence Based Marketing

Even when growth targets are being achieved, it can be challenging for a business to identify new opportunities. We embed Decision Science into our marketing campaigns to connect with your most valuable clients and identify valuable new opportunities. Rather than looking at marketing as an outcome (a sale or a no-sale), our campaigns are an integral part of your research, product development and innovation programs.

  • Promote current-state business and identify future opportunities

  • Validate growth targets against peak performers

  • Uncover new problems that customers care about

  • Build capabilities that turn new strategies into action

  • Delight customers with higher levels of service.

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Grow faster with less pain. Build superior products. Simplify growth.

While innovation is essential, it’s fraught with risk and highly prone to failure. This is the reason so many businesses avoid the pain of innovation, opting to focus on business as usual. There is a better approach. icu2 Innovation Centre was established to help companies accelerate their product development programs, while reducing the cost, disruption and risk associated with innovation. Rather than having to justify and argue the need for change, icu2 Innovation Centre will help your business establish an eco-system of innovative channels to future-proof your business.

  • Prioritise change with minimal disruption to current business

  • Scale your innovation programs

  • Attract investment capital

  • Engage with customers with exciting new solutions

  • Build new capabilities to increase productivity

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